Welcome to Northern Lite Naturals. Your Alaskan destination for all natural bath and body products.

Helping people is my passion.  Making my products is my path to doing so.

Nature's kitchen is a wonderful source of all the ingredients we need to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Here in Alaska, nature is abundant.  We gather wild crafted herbs and botanicals that are readily available to us, or grow our own.  Those we can't get locally, we purchase from reliable, organic suppliers.  Our products contain no parabens or phthalates and we choose organic oils and butters as often as we can.  

We DO use a broad spectrum preservative to prevent mold, fungus, bacteria & yeast.  Below is a picture of why we do.  This is a picture of lotion made using Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE) and NO preservative and YES, that is green and black mold!  ROE was used at it's suggested usage rate, in sterile conditions, stored for one month in a cool dark place as a test to prove it is NOT a preservative.  ROE is an antioxidant, used to prevent rancidity of oils.  It is NOT a "Natural Preservative".  I did this test after being asked why I didn't use ROE, like a competing product as a preservative.  After some research into said products, it does indeed list ROE on it's website and it's products ingredient list as a "Natural Preservative".  Please, don't be fooled into believing everything you read on an ingredient lable just because it's supposed to be "All Natural &/or organic".  That would include ours!  We invite you to ask questions, do research into ingredients found beneath each and every product listed on our website.  If you click on any of our ingredients, it will take you to our "Naturapedia", where each and every ingredient is explained and even more information is at your fingertips on the web.


Our kitchen  is stocked with select vegetable and nut oils, butters and waxes (Jojoba is a wax in liquid form) that have skin softening, soothing emollients, and yes, many of our products are vegan except those that contain organic beeswax, organic goat milk, organic yogurt, Emu Oil or tallow from organically raised beef.

We use no chemicals or detergents.  We choose spices, minerals, clays and herbs to lend color to our bars of soap instead of dyes. Our lip balms are made with essential oils because what goes on your mouth, ends up in your mouth, therefore we choose even to avoid organic flavor oils.  These days it's what you don't find in products that make them the products you should WANT to buy.  You choose!

You won't find any re-packaged items in our offering of products.  We do use synthetic fragrance oils in some products and choose those that are Phthalate free when we can.  We are careful to use fragrance oils in small quantity.  We create all our own scents and they are as unique to us as are the appearance of our soaps.  You are sure to enjoy them right down to the last sliver!

All ingredients throughout our line are noted on our website at the bottom of each items page. You can scroll down beneath the product, see the thumbnails and select them to be taken to our "Naturapedia" where all ingredients are defined. No more being in the dark about what an ingredient is or where it comes from.

If there's one thing we've learned throughout our journey, it's that you don't have to feel short changed in the luxury department because those items you use on your body are handmade. Quite the contrary. Our handmade products are more luxurious than those that are mass produced. Your skin is left feeling moisturized not tight and dry, and our scents linger on the skin not to mention there’s nothing harmful to absorb into your system.   After all, your skin is the largest organ of your body, what goes on it, absorbs into it.

One last note:   All our products are made by us.  There are no employees or worker bees in some far off place working for minimum wage.  Products are made in small batches, therefore you may notice inconsistencies in color from batch to batch but this has no bearing on the quality of the product.  Because our lotions and creams are made without chemicals to keep them blended, you may at times notice separation of water from the mix.  This can be poured off.  It does not affect the quality of the product in any way, shape or form.