Alaska Made Rich & Creamy Facial Moisturizer

Alaska Made Rich & Creamy Facial Moisturizer


Put your best face forward! A "natural" alternative to facial moisturizing you've just gotta try!


When I was a teenager, I used Baby Lotion on my face.  When my husband & I married 40 years ago, my mother in law used Vaseline on her face.  We've come a long way baby, no more chemicals and no petroleum, period!

Pushing 60, I've used this facial moisturizer now since I first created it nearly 20 years ago and I've no intention of changing to any of the products that claim to prevent signs of aging.  From my perspective, the proof is in the pudding.

I don't claim this moisturizer eliminates wrinkles or age spots.  Why?  Well because there are no citrus based acids such as Alpha Hydroxy or Pro Retinal that only give the appearance of removing wrinkles because they are imperceptibly swelling the skin.  Yes, those two ingredients will help with age spots, because they are causing your face to peel, layer by layer.  I think I'd rather stick to keeping my skin healthy and moisturized.  I know I'll look the same even if I stop using my moisturizer.  If you stop using ones with Alpha Hydroxy or Pro Retinal, you will essentially age overnight.

The only changes to our moisturizer have been new botanicals that are amazing & colloidal oatmeal for it's ability to help retain moisture. Rich & Creamy Facial Moisturizer is full of deeply penetrating, moisturizing oils, butter & botanical infusions.  Let us help nourish your beautiful face and protect it from the elements of everyday living. 

Apply sparingly, a little goes a long way.  Lightweight & non-greasy after it absorbs.  Unscented other than that of the natural butters & oils used.


Please note:  We use organic beeswax, not emulsifying wax in this product for it's beneficial properties.  Therefore if it freezes in shipping, there may be separation or a curdled appearance. It can usually be stirred back into mix, but because we can't control the weather, we have no control of this happening. We just want to make sure you are aware of this possibility when ordering during winter months.