Welcome to Northern Lite Natural Organics!

Organic Skin Care Products now Made in Oregon.

We offer complete skin care from soap to deodorant and everything in between.   Head to toe, we’ve got you covered!  Helping people is our passion.  Making our products is our path to get there!

Nature's kitchen is a wonderful source of all the ingredients we need to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.  We gather wild crafted herbs and botanicals that are readily available to us, or grow our own.  Those we can't get locally, we purchase from reliable, organic suppliers.  Our products contain no parabens, phthalates or chemicals and we use organic oils and butters and waxes.

 We are honored by the privilege to serve you and want you to know your skin is safe with us.  Therefore we use broad spectrum preservatives to prevent mold, fungus, bacteria & yeast in our products.  Below is a picture of why we do this.  All products that contain water, in any form, require a preservative (soap being the exception), to prevent the growth of mold, fungus, bacteria or yeast.  Even if you can't see it, without a preservative, it's growing in there.  Beware!  Rosemary Oleoresin (sometimes referred to as Oil) Extract & Vitamin E are not preservatives.  They are antioxidants used as such or to extend the shelf life of oils/butters and to help prevent them from going rancid.  If you purchase products containing water, that refer to Rosemary Oleoresin (Oil) Extract or Vitamin E as a preservative, you are applying a product that contains NO preservative. 


Our kitchen  is stocked with select vegetable and nut oils, butters and waxes (Jojoba is a wax in liquid form) that have skin softening, soothing emollients, and yes, many of our products are vegan except those that contain organic beeswax, organic goat milk, organic yogurt, Emu Oil or tallow from organically raised beef.

All ingredients throughout our line are noted on our website at the bottom of each items page. You can scroll down beneath the product, see the thumbnails and select them to be taken to our "Naturapedia" where all ingredients are defined. No more being in the dark about what an ingredient is or where it comes from.