Baboon Butt Balm - 2 oz jar

Baboon Butt Balm - 2 oz jar


Our "Everything Balm" It's So Great, We Can't Seem To Keep It In Stock!

No where else has so little done so much!  This is such a multipurpose balm you can consider replacing just about everything else you might be using.

Some of the many uses we've either used it for ourselves of been told about:

1.  Diaper Rash -  This typically works on the very first application (with none of the chemicals found in market diaper rash ointments) and we have several grand kids to prove it not to mention our friends children and grand children.  It also healed circumcision faster and better than Bacitracin Ointment (which is what's hospital approved) on 4 of our 5 grand sons.  The first was born before we started making it.  It helped to provide a strong moisture barrier while they healed and helped the diaper not stick to the skin at changing time and unlike Vaseline or Bacitracin, it's not made from crude oil! 

2.  Makeup Remover - Nourishes the skin at the same time. 

3.  Hemorrhoids -  Try this!

4.  Personal Lubricant - Here you go and it means your not putting anything in tender areas that are harmful or have chemicals.  Under this circumstance, we suggest applying to "him" to create the necessary lubricity.

5.  Chapped Skin  -  One more time!

6.  Nose Bleeds -  Apply a little to a q-tip and swab insides of nose to help with dryness.

7.  Cracked or Tender Breast -  All moms know that sometimes nursing can cause irritation. Well here's something that can provide a soothing barrier while containing NOTHING harmful to baby and allow YOUR tender skin to heal. 

Never again use Vaseline (which is petroleum based) on anything on your skin!  

I applied this to our dog.  He got hit by a car and on top of a badly broken leg, he also had bad road rash on his tummy.  This helped to sooth it and provided a protective barrier while it healed and on occasion, the groomers have nipped his skin when grooming him.  I applied Baboon Butt to protect the area while it healed and to prevent him from further irritating it by constant licking. We also have an acquaintance who used this on her dog that had a terrible allergic skin rash and it helped her.  See, all kinds of uses!