Alaska Made Cottonwood Balm of Gilead

Alaska Made Cottonwood Balm of Gilead


Balm of Gilead made with Cottonwood Bud Resin

Cottonwood trees have  long been enjoyed during the spring and summer for the wonderful scent they impart but the resin of the buds is also known for healing.

Each spring we anxiously await the appearance of the buds and then we're off to find trees with branches low enough for us to reach or downed branches from the winters snow load we can gather from.  It's not uncommon to see us out sitting on the ground with our buckets.  We have no shame in employing our grand kids or close friends to go along with us and help with the gathering.  It's no small chore with the amount of buds we need to make a years worth of this balm.  The amount grows each year as more and more people try it. 

Only available until we run out of the oil we make from the buds.  Once that's gone, there's no more till the following year.