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Pure Tamanu Oil

Pure Tamanu Oil


100% Pure Organic Tamanu Oil

Our Tamanu Oil is 100% pure and organic.  The nuts of the Calophyllum inophyllum, a tropical coastline tree, are harvested, processed and shipped.  Our Tamanu oil comes from the Vanuatu Islands and because of the rise in use and popularity of this oil, business has grown and prospered and has created a stable livelihood on the islands for the local native women providing them with employment.   Tamanu oil was seen on national television on the Dr Oz Show.  This oil which is still referred to as "sacred oil", has nearly limitless uses.  Please select the "Tamanu Oil" picture tab below which will take you to our "Naturapedia" to read about the many things this wonderful oil is reputed to do.  If you seek further information, please do a web search.