Alaska Made Lip Lube

Alaska Made Lip Lube


Heal and protect your lips from the elements while keeping them kissibly smooth.


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Here's a thought, what goes on your mouth, ends up in your mouth!  That's why we make our Lip Lubes with pure essential oils.  There's nothing synthetic going into our tubes to end up on/in your mouth.   Made with oils that are deeply moisturizing, butters that sooth and combined with organic beeswax, which is nourshing, healing, rich in vitamin A, and a natural humectant.  It also has anti-inflamatory properties and is anti-allergic as well as naturally germacidal.

Our mouths and noses, being in such close proximity, often times mistake smell for taste. I know mine is so closely associated, often I can't put something in my mouth I don't like the smell of.  With our Lavender Hemp, Cafe' Mocha & Poplar Bud Lip Lubes, you will smell the Lavender Essential Oil, the Coffee Butter & Dark Chocolate and the Poplar resin, but you can't taste them.

You'll love the feel and your lips will thank you buy being smooth & kissable in all types of weather.  Offered in Succulent Citrus, Mint Smooch and Pucker Up Lemon, Lavender Hemp & Poplar Bud.