Alaska Made Herbal Shampoo

Alaska Made Herbal Shampoo


Natural Conditioning Shampoo scented with Rosemary & Mint Essential Oils or Lemongrass Essential Oil with Coconut Fragrance Oil - 16 oz


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The special blends of Jojoba & Castor Oil restore shine and luster to your hair while Coconut Oil provides the thick lather you're looking for to "feel" like your hair is actually clean.   Our shampoo isn't full of detergents, fillers or chemicals.  It truly cleans and conditions your hair with a thick rich lather and rinses completely away, actually making your hair "squeak".  Your hair won't be stripped of its natural oils and will be softer and fuller.  Unlike commercial shampoos, handmade shampoo has higher soap content so you only need a little to achieve a full head of lather.    As with all our products, rain is our source of water.  Safe for all hair types & gentle enough for color treated hair.

If you have coarse or very curly hair, you might like to pair this with our conditioner which is good for all hair types.