Alaska Made Light & Luscious Lotion - 16 oz

Alaska Made Light & Luscious Lotion - 16 oz


Oh My Goodness! That's what you'll say after your very first application of our NEW light, non-greasy, lotion.


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Our Light & Lucious Lotion is a non-greasy, fast penetrating, moisturizing, weightless, all over, lotion that is non-staining.  When we say it makes your skin feel like silk, we aren't exaggerating.

It took us days to come up with a recipe for a lotion that combined oils (when there are SO many to choose from) that penetrate quickly, yet provides protection and the nutrients your skin needs to be protected from the elements and everyday life, and have staying power.  You will still feel soft and smooth hours after application, unless of course you wash it off, but even then we found the moisturized feeling lingers.  Infused with Calendula & Goldenrod. Click on the ingredients at the bottom to be taken to our "Naturapedia" for full information regarding these wonderful botanicals.

Offered in a 16 oz pump bottle for quick "pump & go" application, in "Sea Breeze", "Summer Blossoms" & "Purple Rain".