Alaska Made Liquid Hand & Body Wash

Alaska Made Liquid Hand & Body Wash


New Liquid Hand & Body Wash In Convenient, Economical Foamer Bottle. Use Less/Lasts Longer!


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Our Liquid Hand & Body Wash is offered in a foamer bottle.  Great at the sink for kids to wash up or in the shower/bath for all over body use.  Our very mild, moisturizing formula makes it a great choice over harse detergent and chemical laden commercial soaps offered on the market today. We have infused our recipe with Goldenseal, natures own antibacterial and scent with essential oils known to have antibacterial properties. Please select the icons for ingredients below where you will be taken to our "Naturapedia" to read about them.  

Our foam dispenser makes your soap go father, using less, making it more economical and you can reuse the bottle by refilling for convenience.  We offer a 26 oz refill in an upcycled bottle, however not through our website as it is heavy glass.  In the future we will offer refills in an eco friendly package via our web site.