Foaming Facial Scrub

Foaming Facial Scrub


Moisturize while you cleanse with our new Foaming Facial Scrub!

Have you been looking for something to cleanse you face without leaving it dry and tight? Something that will clean the pores, without leaving your face red and feeling like you used a brillo pad on it?

We'd like you to try our new Foaming Facial Scrub made with whipped cream soap.  It gently cleanses, clearing out the pores and leaves your skin soft and moisturized.  Because we realize that some people have other problem areas, this scrub can be used all over the body and will help gently exfoliate with powdered walnut hulls.  We've used essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree & Peppermint for the propreties they impart.  

To use, apply a small amount to your fingertips and apply in circular motion to the desired area.  Wet fingers (or hands) and continue washing area.  If more lather is desired, wet area further.  You can use a wash cloth, scrubber (though some are too abrasive) or a facial brush, though fingers alone are more than enough to do the trick and your pores will thank you!  This 8 oz sized (recycleable) jar should last you quite a long time since a little goes a long way.