Alaskan Made Oatmeal Cottonwood Soap Bar

Alaskan Made Oatmeal Cottonwood Soap Bar


An Unscented Soap Bar Save For The Natural Scent of The Cottonwood Resin

Our Oatmeal Cottonwood Bar is perfect for someone that doesn't like or is bothered by scents but would like all the moisturizing, gentle cleansing of a hand made bar of soap.  This bar is infused with poplar bud resin in two ways. 

We infuse the buds we gather in olive oil and also in shea butter, both of which are used in this bar as well as our Balm of Gilead and our Poplar Lip Lube.  All the benefits of Cottonwood in this bar along with Colloidal Oatmeal and organic steel cut oats.