About Northern Lite Natural Organics 

Our business was born of necessity

Making soaps and body products isn't just a hobby, a passion, a method of generating income or following a trend, it's a necessity!  In the early 90's after battling illness, we finally received a diagnosis.  I have an auto immune disease and as with all auto immune diseases, there are many subsequent conditions.  One of mine is multiple chemical sensitivity.  We finally had the answer as to why things I was using on my body were causing extreme reactions such as shortness of breath, rashes, itching, etc..

At the time there weren't many products available in stores or on the internet that were chemical free.  The logical place to check was health food stores where one is given to believe only natural wholesome ingredients are used in the manufacturing of items stocked but there were still ingredients on the labels that contained chemicals I couldn't use.   Not having much of a choice, our next thought was we'd just make our own handmade soaps and such but again, we were limited because there wasn't much information available‚Äč on how to do it yourself.  I guess we had some pioneer spirit in us, either that or we were crazy.  It was costly at times to say the least, throwing away batch after batch of ruined ingredients but in the end, after much trial and error, we figured it out.  By that point, after giving it some thought, we realized there had to be others, who if not for the same reason, suffered the same ways I did from chemicals.  From this our business was born.

Everything and everyone has a purpose in life. It may not as yet be defined, but it's there none the less. The journey is in finding it.   This is our purpose!

We hope that you will browse our site and look at the many handmade soaps and other body products we have to offer.  If you don't see what you might be looking for, drop us an email.  It doesn't mean we don't make it, it could simply mean we are out of stock or it's in the works of being developed.  We are always whipping up something new and we are always here to answer your questions or concerns.