Did you know that you can use any of our bars of soap as a shampoo bar too?  It's true, the oils we use to create our bars of soap are as conditioning for your hair as they are to your skin. Simply wet hair, apply bar to desired lather and wash as usual.  Of course we do make a bar specifically for hair, but the convince of "all in one" make for much lighter packing when traveling.  Our soaps also create a nice creamy lather for shaving and as an added bonus, you won't experience dry tight skin afterwards.

Among our bath products you'll find all of our handmade cold processed and hot processed soaps as well as our Bath Bombs and Milk Bath Teas.  Each item is followed by thumbnails of included ingredients and linked to our "Naturapedia" where ingredients are further defined.

Be sure to check out the Bath Accessories section if you are looking for bathing gloves, sponges, etc..

Milk Based Soaps

These soap bars all contain "milk".  We use fresh organic Goat Milk and other organic milks such as Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Hemp Milk & Buttermilk for the creamy texture and lather it lends to the bar and the way it makes your skin feel after bathing.  You haven't tried anything until you've tried "milk" soap bars!  Our Goat Milk is sourced from a local organic farm.  Thank you Kackle Berry Farms!  

Beer Based Soap Bars

Beer contains lots of sugar and because of this, it increases the normal lather found of our bars of soap.  All the ingredients used to make the beer are transferred to the bars of soap and are beneficial to your skin.  Our beer soaps are created using locally crafted beers.

Skin Care

Welcome to our "Body Products" section.  Here you will find everything we make for your body NOT used in the bath like our lotions, creams. balms, oils and more.

Face Care

Everything you need to put your best face forward!

Hair Care

Shampoo & Cream Conditioner - Our natural way to healthy hair.

Psoriasis & Eczema Care

This line of products was specifically created to help combat the dry, flaky, itchy, sometimes painful outbreaks of Psoriasis & Eczema.  None of these products are medicated.  We are not doctors or scientists and we make no claims that it will cure, we can only try to bring you products that help to keep your skin moisturized by way of the oils or butters that are used in the making of them and hope they bring you some relief.

Baby Care

Here's our new line of products designed just for babies.  The soaps are specifically made to be even more gentle by infusing our oils with Calendula, Lavender & Dill, all of which are soothing to babies and nourishing to they're tender skin.  Then we add oatmilk to help keep that tender skin even more moisturized then our normal soaps do.  We've scented them ever so slightly with Bulgarian Lavender essential oil to help sooth baby in the bath.

Our Baboon Butt Baby Balm hasn't changed, it's still the same product you've come to know and love for how well it works on babies bums.  It's also amazing for cradle cap.  All moms know what this is.  That pesty crusty build up on the scalp.  Just apply Baboon Butt, allow it to soften the cradle cap than use a soft baby tooth brush to gently work the crusty build up loose and wash hair as usual.  Baboon Butt has many uses so be sure to read about it under it's product tab.

We've created a Light & Luscious Lotion lighted scented with Bulgarian Lavender to help maintain keep dry skin at bay.

The powder we've added for baby is made with arrowroot powder with just a touch of corn starch.  These will feel silky on your babies skin but won't clog pores leading to baby pimples.

More products will probably be added as time goes by, but we think this should be enough to get you started.  Gift sets are also offered as part of our Baby Line and we are more than happy to mail for you and include a gift card including your message. 

Misc. Products

We're taking our soaping skills and applying them to other areas of our lives.  Be sure to keep an eye on our "Misc. Products" page to see what new goodies we've cooked up!


We've got you covered from head to toe and everywhere in between with our selection of bath and body accessories.  

Gift Sets

Baby Gift sets are always available.  Other gift sets made upon request or for holidays or special occasions.