Olive oil, Olea europaea

Olive oil, Olea europaeaOlive oil, Olea europaea

Olive oil, Olea europaea is extracted from olives by mechanical or other methods which do not modify its basic properties. This results in a completely natural product which maintains the taste plus chemical and biological characteristics of the olive.  Olive oil has the properties of being calming, demulcent and emollient and can be used pure or in blends for burns, sprains, bruises, insect bites, to relieve itchy skin, and to massage the gums of those suffering from pyorrhoea (periodontal disease).

Products using Olive oil, Olea europaea: Oatmeal Cottonwood Soap Bar , Foaming Facial Scrub , Lip Lube , Nut Buddy Lotion , Bare Naked Massage & Bath Oil , Cottonwood Balm of Gilead