Oatmeal, Organic, Steel Cut

Oatmeal, Organic, Steel CutOatmeal, Organic, Steel Cut

The oat grains are de-husked by impact, then heated and cooled to stabilize the "Oat groats", the seed inside the husk.  Whole oats are an excellent source of thiamine, iron, and dietary fiber. Whole oats are also the only source of antioxidant compounds known as avenanthramides; these are believed to have properties which help to protect the circulatory system from arteriosclerosis. Oat products also contain beta-glucan, which may help people with Type 2 diabetes control their blood glucose level, and might also help stimulate the immune system to fight off bacterial infections.

Oat extract or Oat Milk can also be used to soothe skin conditions such as chickenpox, poison ivy, excema, sunburn and dry skin.  If used in shampoo, it helps with dry, itchy scalp.

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