Birch Bark, Organic

Birch Bark, OrganicBirch Bark, Organic

The white birch tree is reputed for its remedial properties that help to heal the skin and prevent decaying. At the same time, it also works in the form of an astringent. It has been established that the leaves and shoots of this vegetative species also work as a diuretic as well as a laxative. Many people also use this plant internally for treating rheumatism, gout and kidney stones. In effect, betullinic acid is a major chemical element of this plant and currently it is being studied in the form of a potential remedy forcancer. It has been found that the form of this acid, which is soluble in water, helps to slow down prostate cancer growth in humans by almost 96 percent. A number of scientists are of the view that it also possesses the aptitude to obliterate the tumour cells as well as inhibit the progression of melanoma and HIV.

As far as skincare is concerned, formulations prepared from the white birch tree are used in the form of a natural therapy, as it aids in facilitating the discharge of fluids from the body and, at the same time, encouragesmetabolic actions. It possesses anti-inflammatory as well as skin-soothing attributes and this is the main reason why this plant is time and again employed to treat skin problems like eczema, warts and psoriasis. As it encloses vitamin Avitamin Cvitamin Evitamin B1 and vitamin B2, the white birch works in the form of an antioxidant. Generally, this medicinal plant is used in four different ways - infusion, tincture, extract and decoction.

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