Chocolate Absolute

Chocolate AbsoluteChocolate Absolute

Cocoa is an evergreen tree native to Central America, where it thrives along riverbanks. The tree grows to a height of about 24 feet, has large glossy green leaves and small yellow flowers that grow directly on the trunk and develop into large yellow or red fruits with seeds. Cocoa was first introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus, who learned of its use from the Aztecs. In South America, miners were given cocoa leaves to chew to increase their energy level and enable them to work long hours.

Cocoa absolute has a characteristic chocolate aroma. Highly recommended for chocolate lovers as the aroma is like that of fine dark chocolate - good enough to eat! Cocoa beans are used in products such as skin lotions, creams, lipsticks, soaps, suppositories and in the manufacturing of chocolate. 

Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao 

Extraction Method: Solvent Extracted

Plant Part: Bean

Note: Middle

Blends Well With: Vanilla Absolute, Coffee Absolute 

Aroma: Decadently rich, sweet, and warm

Consistency: Thick

Color: Dark Brown

Products using Chocolate Absolute: