Rain is liquid precipitation, as opposed to non-liquid kinds of precipitation such as snow, hail and sleet.  Used in all our products which require water as an ingredient.  Rain water collected where air quality is good (ours is excellent) is good for the skin and hair (not to mention laundry).  It is a natural source of hydrogen peroxide and has been used for hundreds of years by humans for various reasons. 

Products using Rainwater: Alaska Made Fizzing Bath Bombs , Alaska Made Liquid Hand & Body Wash , Alaska Made Rosemary Lemongrass Soap Bar , Alaska Made Coconut Confetti' Soap Bar , Alaska Made Grasshopper Soap Bar , Alaska Made Northern Lights Soap Bar , Alaska's Kachemak Bay Soap Bar , Alaska Made Lavender Rose Soap Bar , Alaskan Made Purple Rain Bar , Alaskan Made New Moon Soap Bar , Alaskan Made Sam Elliot Soap Bar , Alaskan Made Pumpkin Chai Latte Soap Bar , Alaskan Made Valdez Glacier Silt Soap Bar , Alaskan Made Oatmeal Cottonwood Soap Bar , Alaska Made Nutty Buddy Shampoo & Body Bar , Alaskan Made Tar Baby Bar w/Pine Tar , Alaska Made Herbal Shampoo , Alaska Made Cream Hair Conditioner , Foaming Facial Scrub , Alaska Made Rich & Creamy Facial Moisturizer - Normal to Dry & Mature Skin , Alaska Made Light & Luscious Lotion - 16 oz , Alaska Made Rich & Creamy Lotion , Alaska Made Nutty Buddy Lotion , Alaska Made Men's Essentials Whipped Shaving/Body Soap , Alaska Made Men's Essentials Facial Moisturizer , Alaska Made Men's Essentials Body Moisturizer , Alaska Made Laundry Butter