Cottonwood (Poplar) Bud Resin, Organic & Wildcrafted

Cottonwood (Poplar) Bud Resin, Organic & WildcraftedCottonwood (Poplar) Bud Resin, Organic & Wildcrafted

Cottonwood (Poplar) Bud Resin  is the resinous gum of the balsam poplar

  • Medicinal Uses: Burns, Cuts & Wounds, Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Properties: Analgesic, Anodyne, Anti-Imflammatory, Antibacterial, Anti- Cancer, Antirheumatic, Astringent, Depurative
  • Parts Used: Leaf buds
  • Constituents: volatile oil, up to 2% (including cineole, bisabolene, bisabolol and humulene), resins, palicin and populin, phenolic acids.

The sticky resin of poplar buds contain salicin which your body converts to aspirin.  Buds from Populus nigra, P. canadensis and P. tacamahaca are the most commonly used therapeutically. Poplar buds infused in oil make a healing remedy for muscle soreness.  Poplar is approved by Commission E for the topical treatment of minor cuts and abrasions, hemorrhoids, sunburns, frostbite and other skin care needs.

Products using Cottonwood (Poplar) Bud Resin, Organic & Wildcrafted: Oatmeal Cottonwood Soap Bar , Lip Lube , Bare Naked Massage & Bath Oil , Cottonwood Balm of Gilead