Wintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen Essential OilWintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen Essential Oil, Botanical Name:  Botanical Name: Gaultheria procumbens  Plant Part Used: Leaf, Country Of Origin: China,  Method Of Extraction: Steam Distillation:  Very refreshing aroma, woody and wintergreen, very similar to Birch. Use with caution, the EO is approximately 99% salicylate, the main ingredient in aspirin (irritant, sensitizing). Many aromatherapists try to stay away from this oil. Methyl salicylate has been incorporated into liniments and ointments for muscular skeletal problems. Use tiny amounts in muscle/joint blends, patch test. Not recommended for usage in persons who take aspirin regularly or who are allergic to aspirin. Not to be used on children, the elderly, pregnant women and pets. Blends well with pine, peppermint, and lemon.


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