Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential OilMyrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil,  Botanical Name:Commiphora myrrha  Plant Part: Resin  Country Of Origin: France  Method Of Extraction: Steam Distillation,  Myrrh essential oil. Smoky and slightly musky aroma.   Myrrh is antiseptic, astringent, deodorant, disinfectant and diuretic and is one of the most renowned incenses along with frankincense. It is thought to enhance spirituality and may be used either in an oil burner or inhaled directly. It's particularly valuable for people who feel stuck emotionally or spiritually and want to move forward in their lives. Seems to lift feelings of weakness, apathy and lack of incentive and also has a cooling effect on heated emotions. Due to its drying action is effective against excessive mucous in the lungs. Recommended in cases of bronchitis, colds, sore throats, and coughs. Excellent for mouth and gum disorders; it is the best treatment for mouth ulcers, gingivitis and bleeding or spongy gums. Eases flatulence and hemorrhoids. Stimulates and invigorates the immune system. Of great benefit in cases of scanty periods, leucorrhea and clearing obstructions in the womb.   The efficacy of myrrh for the treatment of chronic wounds and ulcers is legendary. This is due to its antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiphlogistic properties. It is specially valuable for wounds that are slow to heal and for weepy eczema and athlete's foot. Blends well with clove, frankincense, lavender and sandalwood. Not recommended to be used during pregnancy. 

Products using Myrrh Essential Oil: Face & Eye Moisturizing Serum , Mature Skin Tallow Balm , Beard/Brow & Stash Balm