Anise Star Essential Oil

Anise Star Essential OilAnise Star Essential Oil

Anise Star Essential Oil,  Botanical Name: Ilicium verum Hook, F.  Plant Part: Leaf/Fruit  Country Of Origin: China  Method Of Extraction: Steam Distillationer (Maranta arundinaceae), The essential oil resides in the pericarp, not in the seed. Spicy, warm, licorice-like aroma like anise seed, but slightly stronger. Fishermen use it to mask human scent while fishing. Well known for its effect on the digestive system. May have a good effect on asthma and breathing difficulties. Anise has estrogenlike properties, is an emmenagogue, aids childbirth, increases milk secretion, and is antispasmodic for nerves and muscles. Anise is indicated for lack of menstruation, menopause, colitis, and poor breathing due to nerves. Blends well with fennel, petitgrain and rosewood. 

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