Tamanu Oil, Pure, Organic

Tamanu Oil, Pure, Organic Tamanu Oil, Pure, Organic

Tamanu oil is obtained from Calophyllum inophyllum, a tropical coastline tree growing in abundance in Southeast Asian countries including India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.   Tamanu oil is extracted from the dried kernel inside the nut of the Tamanu fruit. The nut is initially dried in sunlight. Then the kernel from the nut is taken out and further dried in the sun for close to two months. During drying, it must be protected from rain and excessive humidity.  On adequate drying, the kernel becomes sticky with Tamanu oil which is then cold pressed to extract it.  About 100 kilograms of kernel give only about 5 kilograms of Tamanu oil, which is still significant, considering that it is the yearly yield of one Calophyllum inophyllum tree. It explains the rarity and cost of Tamanu oil. 

Tamanu oil is yellowish green in color and has a distinct aroma. It is also known as the “sacred oil of Tamanu” or “green gold”, as the Polynesians and Melanesians knew its magical qualities many centuries before. In fact even today the tree is considered as sacred and “God’s gift”. Oil can be applied directly or can be mixed with a suitable carrier before being used on the skin.

Tamanu oil exhibits anti inflammatory, anti microbial and astringent properties. Usually inflammation in our body results in redness, swelling, pain, heat and loss of function of the affected area.  Joint inflammation is the reason for Rheumatism, joint pain and swelling (Arthritis). Massaging Tamanu oil over the affected joints improves all the debilitating symptoms of Rheumatism and Arthritis. It is also effective in alleviating the pain of sciatica and gout.

Tamanu oil has excellent tissue healing propertiesby optimizing the healing process, encouraging tissue regeneration and promoting normal skin growth. It can be applied over skin injuries like abrasions, cuts, burns, sores, sunburn, blisters, bedsores, surgical incisions, urticaria, insect stings and bites. Similarly, it is effective for scars, acne, psoriasis, fissures, dry skin, eczema, scabies, and ringworm, diaper rash in children and elderly debilitated people and herpes lesions.  It is also very effective in reducing the width and length of scars, removing stretch marks resulting from pregnancy and vigorous exercise.  Even gangrenous wounds which would otherwise require amputation of the affected limb, heal with continued Tamanu oil dressings.

Tamanu oil alone or in combination with other natural oils is an excellent insect repellant.  In fact, scientific studies have proven that it is an effective repellant against Stomoxys calcitrans, commonly known as the “stable fly”, being ubiquitous in horse stables. It is a blood sucking insect and transmits trypanosomes and mycotic dermatitis.

Tamanu oil is an excellent pain reliever. It relieves sore throat when applied externally.  

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