Baby Care

Here's our new line of products designed just for babies.  The soaps are specifically made to be even more gentle by infusing our oils with Calendula, Lavender & Dill, all of which are soothing to babies and nourishing to they're tender skin.  Then we add oatmilk to help keep that tender skin even more moisturized then our normal soaps do.  We've scented them ever so slightly with Bulgarian Lavender essential oil to help sooth baby in the bath.

Our Baboon Butt Baby Balm hasn't changed, it's still the same product you've come to know and love for how well it works on babies bums.  It's also amazing for cradle cap.  All moms know what this is.  That pesty crusty build up on the scalp.  Just apply Baboon Butt, allow it to soften the cradle cap than use a soft baby tooth brush to gently work the crusty build up loose and wash hair as usual.  Baboon Butt has many uses so be sure to read about it under it's product tab.

We've created a Light & Luscious Lotion lighted scented with Bulgarian Lavender to help maintain keep dry skin at bay.

The powder we've added for baby is made with arrowroot powder with just a touch of corn starch.  These will feel silky on your babies skin but won't clog pores leading to baby pimples.

More products will probably be added as time goes by, but we think this should be enough to get you started.  Gift sets are also offered as part of our Baby Line and we are more than happy to mail for you and include a gift card including your message. 

Baboon Butt Balm - 2 oz jar Alaska Natural Bath Products by Northern Lite Naturals

Baboon Butt Balm - 2 oz jar

Our "Everything Balm" It's So Great, We Can't Seem To Keep It In Stock!